“I am sorry, it’s a girl.” Said the Indian Society

“When the nurse first put her in my hands, I started to cry. And I hate to say but they weren’t tears of happiness, but of complete and absolute dread. I had done the worse thing I could possibly do to my husband: I had given birth to a baby girl.”

Sometimes sitting in our privileged little bubble, where everything is good and fair, we take the liberty of assuming that the rest of the world is too.

Understanding What It Takes To Love Yourself

You’ve read a billion quotes and poems and stories about loving yourself and every Insta Poet on your feed right now is constantly reminding you that you’re beautiful just the way you are, or wait, was that Bruno Mars? Anyway, it’s the kind of day you’re feeling good about yourself so you stand up and walk towards the mirror and smile at your reflection. That’s when you notice something…