How To Get Started With Content Writing

Just like you, I too started off with reading a lot of “How to” articles on getting started with content writing. It definitely gave me a direction to begin working in but it was still a journey full of trials and experiments. In the end it is your own effort and talent that will allow you to carve a mark in this industry. Like Victoria Schwab says, “Overnight success is almost always a myth. Half of this industry is luck and half is the refusal to quit.”

That being said, I hope this list helps you start somewhere and the love of writing will make you stay.

Don’t limit yourself to a particular niche

Content writing is a very diverse field. From sports to lifestyle to marketing, content writers are needed in literally every field. Most people will ask you to find your niche before you step into the world of content writing. But as a personal opinion, I feel it is important to keep your options open when you are just starting out.

When I was offered my first gig, I had absolutely zero knowledge about that industry. In order to write something, I had to do extensive research, read several articles and browse through countless websites. It was definitely time consuming, but honestly, I have forever been in love with the idea of learning so I always enjoy the research phase that’s always a huge part of content writing.

How to get that first gig

Social Media these days has made it very easy to market yourself. For a content writer, the easiest way to attract clients or grab that first gig is to keep creating content. Start a blog and make sure you give your captions, posts, and tweets a lot of thought.

Use that little space in your bio to tell your followers what you do. Social Media is honestly the fastest way to start your career in Freelance Content Writing.

Find the right Internships

Internships are a great way to get some experience in writing and building that confidence. Initially there will be a lot of hard work and very little money, but if you are just starting out, internships can be really helpful in understanding the demands of this field.

A lot of companies and websites are looking to hire freelance content writers with no prior experience. Search for those and apply. Internshala does have a lot of freelance requirements listed, some are actually genuine and pay well, while some may just be a scam. Before accepting any assignment, do your research about that company and ask detailed questions.

Don’t be afraid of your unique voice

It’s a very common thing to quickly get intimidated by other writers and start to mimic their voice. Don’t do that. You are a unique individual and it is natural that you will have your own writing style. I personally used to criticize my writing for being too simple, it took me a long time to realize that simple is what sells. At least in the fields that I write in. My only aim now is to write something in a concise direct way so that my audience can connect with it easily.

Whatever your style is, be true to it and everything else will fall into place.

Keep Plagiarism miles and miles away

If you are even remotely interested in content writing, I am going to assume that you know how dangerous plagiarising content can be for your career.  From legal issues to losing credibility, it’s a sure way to get kicked out of this field. Sometimes picking up lines or phrases from somewhere can get very tempting because you want to express that exact same thought. This is where you make paraphrasing your best friend.

To be safe it is always best to scan your writing for any unintentional duplication before sending it to the client. You can use this website to check

Remember the three R’s of Content Writing. Read, Research and Re-write. Well, good luck and I hope you enjoy creating content as much as I do. If you have any more questions or queries, I am just a DM away.

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