Why I loved Circus Folks and Village Freaks by Aparna Upadhyaya Sanyal | Book Review

This book is about the circus folks and the freaks who live in the village next to them. From the crocodile God to Pablo, the clown, from a lady with a mustache to a boy that eats metal, the book is full of unlikely characters and stories. Here’s 5 reasons why I loved this book:

  • It was unlike anything I’ve read before
    Circus Folks and Village Freaks was truly a breath of fresh air. 18 narrative poems about a bunch of eccentric and weird characters beautifully tied together in a single theme. I found this to be a truly unique concept especially in the genre of poetry books.
  • Deals with the dark social issues in a digestible way
    One thing that makes this book really amazing is the way it deals with all the dark social issues like racism, homosexuality, religious intolerance, feminism and so much more in an extremely digestible yet impactful way.
  • It is a collection of narrative poems
    Writing narrative poem itself is a little difficult, but also rhyming each one with such finesse is a work of art. Aparna Upadhayaya Sanyal is a truly gifted poet. Her vocabulary is commendable. This book has now become my go-to-guide for interesting rhymes. Seriously!
  • It has beautiful illustrations
    Pretty illustrations can make any poetry book so much more interesting and Circus Folk & Village Freaks has extremely beautiful illustrations that aptly describe each poem. My favourite illustration was the one for ‘The unlikely Love Story Of Lingam’.
  • Makes for a great travel read
    These days my attention span has dwindled, I am always looking for books that are short and can be read on the go. Circus Folk & Village Freaks falls right into that category. I read this book very slowly, one poem at a time and I truly enjoyed every bit of it.

If you’re looking to read something different, something realistic yet fantastical, then this is the perfect book for you. Go get your copy here!

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