We’ve danced around these words too many times before,
forever lingering at the edge
I keep asking you to leave
We’re not right for each other I repeat
And you send me a picture and say
Here let me help your case
Be serious I beg but I am laughing now
Because you look dumb
Why is this silver clutch hanging on your neck?

Two days later we’re listing everything again
All the reasons why we need to walk on separate lanes
They all make sense, we both know it in our bones
And yet we continue to stay
Because life. is too short. for regrets.

I am tired of running around in circles
away from you and back
Stay, you repeat
And I want to. You know I do

But somehow all the words that I ever say to you
sound so much like
I’m not ready.
I don’t know. I am not sure.

Just stay I tell myself
and end up asking you to leave.

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