10 Books That Are Perfect For Beginners

So you want to start reading but every time you go to a bookstore you get too intimidated by the huge variety of books. You’re just a beginner; you’re not sure which genre you’ll enjoy. You just want a book that does not require long commitment, is fast paced and easy to understand, right? Well today is your lucky day ‘cause I have finally compiled a list of 10 books that can be read and enjoyed by anyone irrespective of the genre preference.
In no specific order, let’s get started.

1. Wonder by RJ Palacio

Every time someone asks me to recommend a book for someone who doesn’t read much, the first name that pops in my head is Wonder. A beautifully written book, though belonging to the middle-grade section, is actually the kind of book everyone no matter how old they are MUST read. A story about kindness and friendship and acceptance. This book will always be my favourite. I have recommended this book to way too many people who’ve all come back and thanked me for introducing this gem to them. It’s a fast paced novel, written in a language that pulls you into the story right away and when it’s over you will not only have fallen in love with Auggie but you’ll also begin to see the world so differently.

You can read the blurb and buy the book here.

2. Not If I See You First by Eric Lindstorm

This book is very uniquely written YA novel, it did not have any typical YA tropes or clichés. It is mainly on this list because of the extremely fast paced writing, I read it in one sitting and absolutely loved it. Though the story features a blind girl, what I really loved was how the story did not revolve around her blindness at all. She was simply blind, like someone is tall or skinny or fat. The book is a realistic portrayal of friendship and the lows and highs of growing up.

I just loved the characters in this book. Especially the main character, Parker Grant who was flawed like any normal human being and that is what made her so likable. She was just real. Highly recommend this book for beginners but more for avid readers who’re in deep slumps, this book helped me get over mine so I am certain it will work for you too.

You can read the blurb and buy the book here.

3. Vintage Minis by Random House UK

Vintage minis; great minds – big ideas – little books. A series of short books by the world’s greatest writers on the experiences that make us human. If you’re looking for a book without the commitment of 300+ pages then Vintage Minis is the perfect thing for you. Each tiny book is either a collection of short stories written by a single author or short extracts taken from some of their novels. I have a few titles from the Vintage Mini collection and I simply love them for how lightweight and tiny they are. Perfect travelling companions. It’s also a great way to get introduced to new authors and then decide if you want to read more of their work.

I really want to get the entire box-set. You can check out the collection here.

4. Slammed by Colleen Hoover

Now I did say that this list was going to be genre free but we can always make an exception when it comes to romance. Because some completely love it, some completely hate it. So if you belong to the former category, skip this recommendation. But if you, like me, are a romance junkie then I HAVE to recommend Slammed by Colleen Hoover. I basically love every book this woman has written or will ever write but for someone who hasn’t read much, I think Slammed would be the perfect book to begin with. This book introduced me to slam poetry and I have been obsessed with it ever since. It’s your typical boy meets girl story, but Colleen has a way of writing a simple love story so so beautifully.

You can read the blurb and buy the book here.

5. Remnants Of a Separation by Anchal Malhotra

Oh God, I don’t have proper words to describe what a beautifully written book this is. It’s a non-fiction book that revolves around the partition of India, and attempts to revisit the past through material memory. I have always preferred history to be a subject best left at school so when I was sent this book for review I did not think I’d enjoy it much. BUT I DID. Aanchal has managed to make a non-fiction book more entertaining than fiction. The book contains real stories about real people which not only make the book interesting but also impactful.

I feel reader or not, every single person (Especially if you’re Indian) should have this book in their collection.

You can read more about the book and buy it here.

6. Man of Her Match by Sakshama Puri Dhariwal

If you like reading Indian romance, then let me introduce you to Sakshama Puri Dhariwal. She’s only two books old but is probably the only Indian romance writer whose books I have truly enjoyed. Her books are short and fast paced, with likable and realistic characters. Man of Her Match is a story about two childhood bestfriends, meeting again years later in a professional setting, forced to put aside their differences and work together. The book is full of funny and witty dialogues and really enjoyable scenarios.

You can get the book here.

7. A Man Called Ove by Fredrick Backman

This book hit me right in the feels. It made me laugh and cry and left me with all these warm, fuzzy feelings. A Man Called Ove is a book about a grumpy old man, who has a problem with everything and everyone and is always complaining. Ove is not a very likable character but he touched my heart in his own way. I absolutely loved this book and even though it’s translated from Swedish, it has managed to retain the author’s unique writing style which is full of humor and sarcasm. The writing flows extremely smoothly and I am confident that a beginner won’t have any problem getting sucked in this book and loving it as much as I did.

You can read the blurb and buy it here.

8. The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

This was a super short book that I read and finished in one sitting. It revolves around the life of immigrants in America, the cultural diversity between the two lead protagonists and the theory of love at first sight. Though this book is superficially a romance novel, I wouldn’t actually recommend it for the “romance”. This book should mainly be read for the unique way it is written. I don’t exactly know how to explain it, but you’ll understand when you read, it’s just unconventional with all the random facts and history lessons in between.

You can read the blurb and buy the book here.

9.Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

The movie is great and entertaining but the book is so much better. The writing is so witty and hilarious and just so easy to read. Crazy Rich Asians is about a New Yorker Rachel Chu finding out that her boyfriend’s family in Singapore is actually crazy rich. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and plan to read the second and third book in the series soon. If you’re looking for a fun breezy book, definitely put this on top of your list.

You can read more about the trilogy and buy it here.

10. Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling

Okay I know, what a cliché recommendation. But I figure if you’re here, you’re probably looking for books that would turn you from a regular person to someone awesome (AKA a booklover) and in my opinion no book can do that as magically as this amazing series from JK Rowling. Even if you’ve seen the movies, I still highly recommend you read the books. Rowling’s writing style is so perfect for beginners to fall in love with the idea of words creating worlds. There’s also so much that the movie misses out on. I am certain you will get sucked inside the story and enjoy it immensely even if you know what’s going to happen at the end.

Every reader has that one book that truly makes them fall in love with reading, mine was called The Mystery of the Mysterious Girl, sadly I don’t remember the author anymore but I do remember how I felt after finishing it. I never wanted to stop finding books like that. I hope you too can find that ONE book from this list above and if you really do, I would love to hear all about it. Please come back and tell me if you enjoyed my recommendations, okay?

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  1. I have not yet read Harry Potter but I guess this is the ultimate sign I should start reading it

    1. YES YES YES! Trust me, I am also the person who’s watched the movies first because I don’t know I guess I was too young when the movies came out and maybe wasn’t even aware they were based on a book. For so long I continued believing that I know the story because I’ve watched the movies, until one fortunate day I decided to read the books and man was I missing out! The writing is SO good. Read itt!!

  2. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Hope you’ll find the right book from these recommendations 🙂

  3. I absolutely agree with you, I started Harry Potter series and I loved it soooo much!! Btw I am a Potterhead.
    And after completing Harry Potter series I started reading other books and now I am an awesome person(AKA a booklover).😁

    1. So glad to hear that!

  4. I am an avid reader and even I haven’t read majority of the books on this list. I managed to get 4 of the books. So excited to check them out! 😊

    1. Ooo awesome! I hope you enjoy them 😀

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