Binge-Fest With Netflix

To be honest I have never been into the whole binging thing, I have always been very selective about the shows I watch and I usually take my own sweet time with it. I have never done the 13 hours straight with any show until now. February has been a crazy month when it comes to binge watching shows and movies on Netflix. Come to think of it, I haven’t done anything this month except stare at my screen all day long. Not healthy and I don’t recommend doing that but I did however come across some amazing shows in the process and I will review them here so you don’t keep scrolling Netflix wasting time trying to decide what to watch.


Loosely based on Aravind Adiga’s novel of the same name this show is about two young cricket prodigies and their obsessed overbearing father, who will go to any means to get his sons selected in the Indian cricket team. This show was soooo good, Netflix just has this amazing way of making simple plots so intriguing that you can’t help but binge watch it. The character development was amazing. Kinda annoyed that it was just 6 episode long and ended so abruptly, I feel they could have avoided dividing it in two seasons and dropped the whole thing at once but okay we’ll wait. Definitely recommend it though.

Drop Dead Diva

After her fatal car accident an aspiring gorgeous model wakes up in the body of a brilliant plus-sized attorney and juggles with solving cases and dealing the unexpected mess in her new life. I cannot even begin to explain my love for this show. I was so invested in the characters by the end of season 1, I absolutely love every single one of them but Teri, Stacey and Jane have my heart forever. This show was the perfect blend of Suits and Legally Blonde with so much more drama and comedy. Every episode had a new interesting case, and honestly unlike Suits I actually understood the whole Lawyer jargon here which made it so much fun to watch. Full of body positivity and dealing with several issues like LGBTQ and racism, this show was constantly breaking social stigmas with its uniquely built cases. I feel this show is extremely underrated and I cannot recommend it enough. I watched all six seasons with 13 episodes in each and I still want more.

Umbrella Academy

Now this was a highly talked about show that I was extremely excited to start. Super powered kids, eccentric billionaire dad and Netflix original show, this had to be perfect. Only it wasn’t. It was extremely slow, with too much extra side-plot and irrelevant back story happening. Despite that, I did enjoy it though, the characters were unique and interesting and I loved Vanya and Five and Allison. It was also interesting how this wasn’t your average super heroes save the world kinda show, at least not in the first season, these kids are messed up and dysfunctional because of their poor upbringing which was an extremely realistic take on the whole superhero genre. I loved the way the first season ended, crazy cliff-hanger, and so much potential for the next season. This show might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it was definitely slow on action but if you can stick through it, I am sure the characters will grow on you and the ending will leave you obsessing over theories and reading on all the foreshadowing and hidden clues you might have missed.

The Good Place

A self-absorbed Eleanor arrives at The Good Place, because of an obvious mistake that hasn’t been detected yet. Determined to stay, she tries to become a better person. This was such a feel good show. It was funny and cute and interesting and just soooo much fun to watch. There’s really no hero or heroine here, every single person is so flawed and just eccentric. Chidi and Eleanor are so hilarious together. The constant pop culture references and subtle parody on humanity easily made this show one of my favourites. I loved the characters, especially Janet and Michael. I can’t imagine anyone not liking this show, it’s just so easy to watch, or if you’re me well, binge.


Now this was the kind of show I would have never watched if it weren’t so highly recommended by the people I trust. A charming bookstore manager gets obsessed with an aspiring writer and goes to extreme measures to insert himself into her life. You was all kinds of creepy, I don’t even know where to begin. The fact that it arouses so many emotions is proof that it’s a really well-written and executed show. Normally we would hate a character like Joe but because we get to be inside his head, somehow we begin to make excuses for his messed up actions and that I would say is a psychological thriller done right. This show is such a realistic take on a writers’ life and struggles. On the whole, just a very realistic take on this generation that’s immersed in social media. The only unrealistic bit I found was how Joe never gets caught despite the fact that he leaves evidence left and right. Even a blind detective could easily join the dots with the fingerprints he leaves everywhere but nope. If you’re scared of starting this show because you think its dark, it’s not. It’s just disturbing, extremely disturbing but it keeps you the edge of your seats throughout and that is something I hope you’ll enjoy because I did.

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  1. Zainab Travadi says: Reply

    Currently on the 3rd episode of You. Looking forward to binge watch other shows!

    1. Ooo, I hope you enjoy it! Would love to know your thoughts when you’re done with it.

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