Why I Decided To Start This Blog

It was just another Saturday morning, when I was once again stuck in the routine of sitting with my laptop, with a blank Microsoft document  staring me in the face, my hands frozen over the keyboard and a cup of tea getting cold. This had been going on for a while now; a long period of staring at nothingness, maybe coming up with two or three broken sentences, then closing the laptop and getting distracted by everything great my friends had accomplished and posted on Instagram.

That particular Saturday morning I was about to do it all over again, and I was tired. I wondered why suddenly writing had become so difficult for me. I had the perfect idea for the book, I had my characters and my plot mapped out, but why couldn’t I just write? Or more accurately, why couldn’t I keep my hands away from backspace as soon as I had typed?

That particular Saturday morning I realised I had developed atelophobia; the fear of not being perfect. For all these years I had simply just talked about writing that perfect book, everyone who knew me, knew that. Somehow I believed that once I’ll reach the right age the book will write itself. But we all know that doesn’t happen. Writing is just like any other art, you only improve with practise. And it had been years since I had lost it. The practise, I mean.  I was at the right age, with the right idea for the book, but everything I wrote just seemed wrong. I knew I could do better so I was never satisfied.

And so on that particular Saturday morning I decided I wanted to start a blog. I realised it would be the best way to keep writing, to put my words out there and regain the lost confidence but most importantly, to keep the procrastination in check.

Or maybe I am just an insanely impulsive person and I was just bored on that particular Saturday morning. But who cares! What matters is that I am here, with this blog and several new ideas that I hope you guys will like. So maybe do subscribe and help me stay motivated.

Much love,

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  1. Murtaza Pishori says: Reply

    Waiting for more yo! 😄

    1. Yay! Glad to hear that!

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